A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Find your friends in a map full of bots!

1 to 4 players (controller required to play the 4th one), each one with a different color!

The last one who hasn't been found wins the Turing's Test!


1)ZQSD (I'm french, press Alt+Shift to switch your keyboard "language") to move, E to attack. Red

2)Arrow keys to move, Left Ctrl to attack. Green

3)IJKL to move, O to attack. Blue

4)D-pad (Analogic sticks must be deactivated) or Left Stick to move, 3/X/A to attack. Yellow

When you attack, you kill whoever you touch and you flash with your color. If it's a bot, it will go gray. If it's one of your friends, he'll become a ghost!

If you stay in place for 2 second, you can feign death and become a dead bot!

2nd Mode : Seeker Here!

 One of the player (choosen randomly) is the Seeker. He is revealed permanenetly and has 10 chances to find the other players. The Hiders can flash themselves and kill bots, but not the Seeker. If he doesn't attack in a 15-seconds interval, the Seeker loses a chance. The Hiders win if the Seeker loses all his chances.

Have fun!

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file.


Turing's test.zip 9 MB

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