A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Stomp your friends up to 4 players, but beware of the rules of the gamemodes!

(.exe will be available soon)

Controls : 
1) A and D to move, W to jump, RED
2) Arrow keys to move and jump, GREEN
3) J and L to move, I to jump, BLUE
4) A controller is required to unlock the possibility to play with 4 players. Left stick to move, 3/X/A to jump, YELLOW.

Available Gamemodes: 
Normal: The original gameplay.
Reverse rules: Don't stomp, be stomped!
Double speed: Can you still understand when you go twice as fast?
Random colors: Everyone's color is messed up ! Find yourself before being stomped!
Slow-motion: The closer you are, the slower it gets...
The floor is lava: Push the others players to make them fall into the lava ...
Action Camera: The camera films only the true action!

The score you have is shown on your player, and the player with the highest score gets a little crown of his color!
The first one, by winning a round, to reach 50 points wins the game!

The music I use is from the amazing librairy of Eric Matyas that you can find here : http://soundimage.org/, and the song I use is 8-bit Mayhem.

This game was not made in the purpose of selling it or becoming famous, it's just a game I developped to test out my skills and to laugh a bit with my friends.

Hope you'll enjoy it :)

-Added a little graphics thing for the Slow-Motion gamemode, changed a bit death animation, and started working on bots to replace players (not here yet).
-Added bots, selectable from the menu (if you select 1 bots, the 1st player will be one, if you selct 2 the 1st and the 2nd will be bots...), added camera motion for round ending, and corrected keyboard inputs, so now these are the same independently of your keyboard's layout/language (Thanks Nixola ;) ).
-Added a little animation when you stick to walls (a simple tilt), and a new gamemode: Action Camera !
-Fixed some bugs, added yellow borders to show where the warp occurs, added the flip animation when you touch ceilings, improved a bit the A.I., added the 50-points limit.

Install instructions

You'll need Löve2D to run the source : https://love2d.org .


Stomp.love 1 MB


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Feel free to give me ideas of gamemodes, or to tell me if you find a bug (if it's a crash, please give me the traceback)!