A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My first game! A game of 2-players in an arena generated randomly.

ZQSD (I'm french ^^') to move the red one

Arrow keys to move the blue one

Kill the other player by running into the other player faster than him.

The tiny red squares are bombs: they kill you.

The little white cube gives you a random bonus that last 5 second:

-Invisibility : You're almost invisible, change your luminosity if it don't work properly. While invisible, you're invicible to bombs.

-Speed : You're brighter. Max speed and acceleration multiplied by 2.

-Bouncy : you're a little brighter. You bounce on walls instead of being stopped by them.

-Tiny : You're tinier. Pretty much it.

And sorry for the lack of graphics and sound, I've done it by myself in 4 hours....

Install instructions

You'll need Löve2D to run the source  file : https://love2d.org/


Speed Arena.zip 2 MB
SpeedArena.love 4 kB

Development log


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Give me some ideas to improve this game if you have some ^^ !