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It's 10 PM, the 31st of December, and you just realised you forgot to prepare the fireworks. Problem is, you are also the host this year, and your guests will probably quickly leave if they don't get their drinks...

In this 2D platformer/action game, you pick up all the required things and throw them back where they belong when needed. You must juggle between the drinks for your guests, the trash to throw away, and the fireworks to install on the rooftop.

Only 3 controls:

  • Left/Right or A/D to go left and right
  • Up or W to either throw the last item you picked up, or to jump

Made with Unity during the time of the jam.
Upgrade icons from game-icons.net.
Crowd ambience, glass breaking, paper tearing, and firework sounds from freesound.org.
8-bit sounds made by me with sfxr.
Other sprites (except the starry sky) made by me with Piskel.

(This is pretty much more of a prototype than anything else) 

Install instructions

Download the .zip, un-zip it, and run Réveillon.exe.


One-Man Party.zip 45 MB


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Interesting concept. It can get a bit challenging but still fun to play. Could try making the jump and toss buttons different.

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It was because of the limitation I had for the Mini Jam, which is what this was a submission for, where we could only use 3 inputs.I still think it's an interesting concept having to first be empty-handed before being able to jump, but I also understand it's kind of annoying at first '^^

Thank you for the video anyways ^^